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Region 13 of the American Iris Society

Speakers / Presenters

If you would be interested in having a speaker visit your group, Region 13 has several folks love to talk about irises (and other plants)!

Paul Black (Portland, OR): All beardeds, especially small flowered TBs, TET MTBs, SDBs.

Kathy Chilton (Tucson, AZ): Arils and Arilbreds.

Chad Harris (Washougel, WA): Japanese irises.

Thomas Johnson (Brooks, OR): All beardeds; also hostas. or

Keith Keppel (Salem, OR): Tall beards; Barry Blyth's irises.

Lynda Miller (Canby, OR): MTBs; emeritus judge.

Will Plotner (Molalla, OR): Species irises.

Bob Seaman (Seattle, WA): Pacific Coast Iris; general irises.

Kevin Vaughn (Salem, OR): Beardless irises.
Author of "Beardless Irises: A Plant for Every Garden Situation"

Lee Walker (Tenmile, OR): TET conversion; MDBs; spurias. 541-672-0669 (after 11 am)

Additional speakers recommended by Region 13 members:

Jeanette Graham (Boise, ID): Iris photography.

David Leckey (Dundee, OR): Oregon Small Trees Nursery.

Ella May Wulff (Corvallis, OR): Heathers (former president national heather assoc).