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Region 13 of the American Iris Society

The Carol Lankow Medal

(Standard Dwarf Iris Popularity Symposium)

Submitted by Fran Hawk, published in the Spring 2003 Regional Newsletter, and republished here.

The Carol Lankow Medal is the Region 13 popularity poll for Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) Irises. Some of the nation's foremost hybridizers of SDBs live and work here in Region 13. The Carol Lankow Medal will promote the newer SDB varieties by selecting those that merit the "advance notice" this award will bring.

Rules for voting for are simple:
When you visit gardens in the Spring, please take notes about the Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises that you view. Then select your favorite baker's dozen. (You need not vote for 13 if your list of favorites is more limited.) Send ballots to: Fran Hawk 4913 1/2 Woodland Pk N Seattle, WA 98103-6658

Votes will be tabulated and the winner will be awarded the Carol Lankow Medal at the Fall Meeting in October. Articles with symposium results will go to interested regional newsletters, as well as to the Medianite.

Past winners include:

2008 FIESTA FLAME (T. Aitken, 2004)
2007 BLUEBEARD'S GHOST (P. Black, 2006)
2006 CAMEO QUEEN (B. Jones, 2001)
2005 TRUE NAVY (B. Jones, r2001)
2004 PANTHER (M. Smith, r2002) and TAHOMA (M. Smith, 2002) tie
2003 CAT'S EYE (P. Black, 2002)
2002 MARKSMAN (M. Smith, 1999)
2001 FAIRY RING (D. Meek, 1998)
2000 DOT COM (B. Jones, 1997)
1999 JEWELER'S ART (C. Lankow, 1993)
1998 MINIDRAGON (M. Smith, 1998)
1997 FIRESTORM (M. Smith, 1994)
1996 GEMSTAR (M. Smith, 1994)
1995 CAPTIVE SUN (B. Jones, 1994)
1994 BEDFORD LILAC (B. Jones, 1991)
1993 PELE (J.T. Aitken, 1993)
1992 SUN DOLL (B. Jones, 1986)
1991 PURE ALLURE (J. Ritchie, 1987)
1990 JESSE LEE (C. Lankow, 1987)