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Region 13 of the American Iris Society

About the American Iris Society

The American Iris Society (AIS) was established in 1920 and incorporated in 1927. It's mission is to promote the culture and improvement of iris. Membership benefits include:
Full details about the American Iris Society and what it has to offer can be found at

For those interested in specific types of irises, there are sections within AIS that are devoted to them! Current links and information about them can be found on the AIS Sections webpage.

AIS now offers the convenience of joining online! For details please go to the AIS Membership Information site. This site also provides information regarding membership in all of the other sections within the American Iris Society. Each section focus on a specific type of iris.

Also of Interest:

Why Belong To AIS?

By Cheryl Deaton, California
October 2008 AIS Bulletin

Recently, I was talking to a friend and she asked me what I thought the benefits of belonging to AIS were, because when she was asked she couldn't come up with anything. I remembered Rita Gormley's article from the January 2004 Bulletin and put a personal twist on it. We all should know why we are AIS members and why others should be too!
  1. The American Iris Society is the International Registry for all rhizomatous irises.
  2. Sets judges' training standards and credentials to ensure quality judging in all Regions.
  3. Established a national awards system for all types of rhizomatous irises.
  4. Publishes the Bulletin four times a year, an extremely informative and beautiful publication.
  5. AIS liability insurance extends to Affiliate's show venues, meetings and garden tours.
  6. American Iris Society Web Page - - with links to many other Iris sites.
  7. Each Affiliated Society receives a free copy of the Bulletin, therefore each Affiliated Society has the opportunity to cast one vote for the Symposium on behalf of the Affiliated Society. This provides an opportunity for a Popularity Poll Program.
  8. Maintains the AIS Library for research and recording.
  9. Youth programs nationally and regionally with awards, contests and newsletters.
  10. Each Affiliated Society receives one set of free AIS adult medals for each accredited show sponsored by that Affiliate.
  11. Each Affiliated Society receives free use of one set of AIS slides/ CDs per year.
  12. Publications of interest to iris gardeners are available through the AIS Storefront, many of which are not available anywhere else.
  13. Affiliates can apply for 501(3) status (tax-exempt) under the IRS Code. Members of a 501(3) society may deduct contributions (rhizomes, etc.) to the society and AIS if they itemize deductions.
  14. The annual AIS Convention which allows everyone to maintain friendships, make new friends and view lovely gardens growing the newer irises available. Don't forget the diversity of seminars and training sessions either.
  15. Voting the Symposium ballot. You get to vote on your favorite irises.